15+ Free Coke and Popcorn Alternatives To Binge Watch

coke and popcorn alternative

Coke and popcorn was our favorite destination to stream movies and tv series. It’s sad that they went down. To fill its gap we decided to look for the best alternative which would be similar to coke and popcorn.

After hours of research and browsing countless websites, we have compiled this list to help you find the best coke and popcorn alternative.

Let’s get on with the list!

29 Sites like Coke and Popcorn

1. Popcorn Flix


Popcorn Flix is one of the best websites which comes close to coke and popcorn. Even the name seems to match. They have a huge database of movies and tv series spread across numerous genres. The navigation is user-friendly with a great search option to find movies/tv series easily.

The categorization is also spot on. Browse through the latest and popular movies with a single click. No sign is required to use the platform. Simply search what you want to watch and start streaming in high-quality video and audio.

You can sign up in case you need to save your watch history and activity so that you can continue later on from where you left off.

2. Tubi Tv



Tubi Tv is another good replacement for coke and popcorn. With its wide range of movies and tv series, you won’t be disappointed. Sign up to start watching. What separates Tubi Tv is the mobility that comes with it. With its Android and iPhone app, you can watch everything even when you are on move.

Tubi is also available for free on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs, PlayStation, and the web.

The website is clean with one of the best designs and user interface in the streaming segment. Categories are extensive which helps to browse effectively. In fact, Tubi has even a larger database of movies and tv series as compared to coke and popcorn.

3. Chillax


Chillax is the new kid in the block but by no means, it should be taken lightly. With great website and content, it is a respectable secure replacement for coke and popcorn.

The drawback is the sign-up process. While it is not completely free, you can register multiple times after your trail is over to keep using the platform for free.

No Ads are shown on the platform. You can either stream or download movies at your convenience. Like Tubi Tv, Chillax offers mobility as you can access it on your mobile, tablet and tv devices.

Private watchlist is a great feature of Chillax. Create, save and watch your favorite shows in an organized manner.

4. Showbox


Showbox needs no introduction. Is it the most popular app for streaming movies and tv series on an Android app. If you prefer watching movies on phone or travel a lot then Showbox can be the best alternative to coke and popcorn.

The downside of Showbox is the lack of its web presence. It is only available as an app. Since it is not present on Google play, you will need to download the apk file from its website and install on your phone.

On the bright side, Showbox has a huge number of movies and tv series available which makes up for the lack of web presence. Another cool feature of Showbox is that you can download and watch simultaneously. This makes it easier to share movies and shows with friends for offline use.

5. Movie Zion



No sign-up or any hoops to jump. Movie Zion offers quality streaming service without any hassle. Visit the website and start watching without any barrier.

Movie Zion also has an android app which works perfectly. Trending movies are categorized to save your time searching for something to watch. New movies are uploaded frequently.

Top rated movies have a special section so no need to spend time on IMDB looking for your next title to watch. If you are unable to find a movie, you can request it on Movie Zion. They will take into consideration and upload it when possible.

6. Bigstar Movies


Bigstar movie offers a large array of movies and tv shows to watch online for free. No sign up is required. All categories are arranged neatly on the left-hand menu to make navigation easy. Browse through award-winning and popular movies without hunting for them online.

Bigstar is also available on Android, iPhone, Roku, and FireTv. They even offer a special section of movies curated in the comedy, horror, drama, world equality and extreme sports.

You can even browse through the latest movies in a dedicated section.

7. Tv Series

TV series online

Well, the name may be misleading in the sense that if offers only tv series but this is not the case. They have a large collection of movies which makes them a great alternative to coke and popcorn.

The downside of Tv Series is that you need to sign up before you can start watching. However, this is a simple process and is completely free.

Once logged in, you can tap into its vast collection to watch your favorite show without any hassle.

8. Putlocker


Putlocker is one of the most popular alternatives to coke and popcorn. Started back in 2011, the website experienced a steady growth and popularity.

At its peak, Alexa Internet listed Putlocker among the top 250 most-visited websites worldwide. Owing to the popularity, in May 2016, the website was blocked in the UK by a High Court order.

Ever since Putlocker has been spotted with different domains throughout the web.  Around fifty mirror or proxy websites, many of which use the Putlocker name, have been identified.

In case you are unable to access the website, browse through our best Putlocker alternatives which offer similar site experience.

9. Top Documentary Films

Top Documentary Films

I got to admit, I am a big fan of documentary films. If this is the case then this website won’t disappoint you. With more than 300 titles, you can indulge in a documentary fest at any time.

Categories and lists are present to select something to watch quickly. They even have a top 100 list which features interesting documentaries.

No sign up is required to watch the movies. Also at the time of viewing, ads were absent which is a great thing.

10. Fmovies


Fmovies is another popular alternative to coke and popcorn. With a million visitors daily, the website is great for watching movies and tv series.

According to my experience, they do serve a lot of ads which redirects to different websites or opens a new chrome tab in the background. This can seem frustrating at times but they do have an operating cost so it’s understandable.

You can use an ad blocker to gain a better experience. In case the above link is not working, you can search for Fmovies in Google directly and a mirror site will pop up. This happens as the domains keep getting blocked, so they have other domains with a different extension.

11. Hulu


Hulu is the safest and secure alternative to coke and popcorn. You can watch thousands of movie and tv series from anywhere. The only downside is that it is not free.

However, being a premium platform, it does have its advantages. No ads, malware or annoying popups are present. The streaming experience is top notch while the price is reasonable.

Before purchasing a plan, you can take a trial to check if it meets your need. The best part is the stability that comes with it. You no longer need to hunt for different options which get blocked on a regular basis.

12. Solar Movies


Simple and clean alternative to coke and popcorn. Solar movie focuses on simplicity where user experience is extremely important.

Their advance search bar allows you to search for a movie or tv series from their vast database. Due to piracy law concerns, the domain keeps on changing.

They do have a large number of mirror sites which can be accessed when one is shut down. A simple google search will reveal those domains.

Solar movies provide a high-quality streaming option with regularly updated movies and tv series.

13. Cartoon Crazy Net


Anime fans, rejoice! Cartoon Crazy Net is the best substitute for coke and popcorn. All shows can be streamed in high quality. They also have a huge database which makes it a one-stop website for anime lovers.

The best part about Cartoon Crazy Net is the English dubbed version of Japanese cartoons. They also have English subtitle present. This combination makes them a great anime website.

14. Hdmoviesfree


Hdmoviesfree is also a great source for movies and can be a good replacement for coke and popcorn. The website layout is simple with popular movies being featured on the homepage.

What came as a surprise is the lack of ads. However, you do need to register on their website. This may be a downside which is compensated by a large number of videos present on the website.

15. Movie Hd App

Movie HD Apk

Like Showbox, Movie HD App is mainly built for Android. They regularly upload fresh content for the audience. The app works flawlessly as well.

In case you prefer watching movies on a larger screen say desktop or laptop then you can use Bluestack to use the app. They even have a guide on their website with full instruction to use the app on a different medium.

The best feature of Movie HD App is the resolution offered and the download option. You can stream in 360p, 720p, and 1080p free of cost. Downloading is available so that you can watch the movie later on or share with your friends.

16. Yidio


Yidio is another reliable alternative for coke and popcorn. It is safe and secure to use with plenty of movies and tv shows available on the platform.

All movies can be streamed in HD for free. The developers take extra care to make the site user-friendly and no annoying popups are present.

Yidio has a huge collection of movies and tv series. The collection is updated regularly to keep up with the latest release.

17. Viewster


Viewster is another popular alternative to coke and popcorn. The website is similar to other websites present in this segment. What makes Viewster different is that it hosts anime shows as well. This acts as a bonus.

The site is well structured with categories and search input to browse through faster. Viewster has a dedicated blog with movie and tv series content. You can find reviews and announcements in the section.

There is a sign-in option to save personal preference. You can sign in via email, Google or Facebook easily.

18. Vumoo


Vumoo is a quality alternative to coke and popcorn. The website is super clean with simple navigation. Movies are categorized according to different genre and year. This makes finding things easier.

Vumoo also has a request feature for newer releases. However, you may not have to use this as they update regularly with the latest release pretty fast.

19. Crackle

Crackle is gaining popularity at a fast pace. They offer a wide range of movies and tv series which can be streamed for free.

However, you do need to sign-up to access the platform. Once signed-in the everything is free. Crackle has a clean interface with no ads. It’s definitely a platform worth checking out.

20. Vudu


Vudu is another great option to replace coke and popcorn. The website is professional looking with no ads.

Vudu is also present on Google Play, Appstore and Microsoft marketplace. It is one of the best safe and secure alternative for coke and popcorn.

You can sign-on to sync your watch list or history to your other devices. This leads to a seamless experience if you watch movies on multiple devices.

21. Niter


Niter is a unique website in the movie streaming space. With no intrusive ads and fast uploads, it is a great alternative for coke and popcorn.

The homepage features the latest release and uploads. The categories are present in the footer. You can instead use the search bar if you are looking for a specific movie.

22. Classic Cinema Online

Classic Cinema Online

Want to catch up with some old classic? Well, Classic Cinema Online should be your prime destination. They offer a curated list of timeless classics which won’t disappoint you.

I loved the dedicated Silent Films section that they have on their website. Never thought I would watch any silent film but boy I was wrong. It’s got a class of its own and definitely deserves your time. If you haven’t watched any such film, give it a try. You might be surprised by the result.

Classic Cinema Online also has a blog and Serials section.

23. Netflix


Netflix needs no introduction. Although not free, no list is complete without its mention. This is the reason it is included in the list.

Being the market leader in this segment, it offers bang for the buck. Apart from its own label Tv shows and movies, you can browse through its vast database for the flick you need to watch.

The platform is delightful to use. No safety concerns here as it is a premium service. If money is not an issue then Netflix is the best alternative for coke and popcorn.

24. Kiss Anime


Another anime website similar to Cartoon Crazy Net. If you are an anime lover then you can give it a spin.

They have recently changed the layout of the homepage which used to list the shows earlier. Now a search bar is present with few ads to help you find the shows. You can choose to go back to the previous layout if you wish.

25. Snag Films


Timeless classics and great documentaries come together!
Snag Films has a refined taste of its own. If you are someone who watches selective movies only which are worth your time then Snag Films is your best bet.

They offer a great selection in HD. The website has a modern look. Categories focus on world events and issues mainly. The documentary section is great as well.

26. Yts


Yifi is probably the most famous word in the torrent movie category. The print, size, and audio is of premium quality.

YTS is their official website from where you can download Blueray quality movies. Although streaming is not possible, it is a reliable source for HD movies.

27. Cmovieshd


Cmovieshd is another good substitute for code and popcorn. The movies are laid out in a card fashion with the latest release shown first.

Their category is extensive where you can filter by genre, year, top IMDB, country etc.

28. Crunchyroll


One of the most visited websites from this list with a great name. On Crunchyroll, you can watch popular anime and read manga online.

For anime lovers, this is a treasure box. What’s unique about this site is its design. It is completely geared towards the anime audience which makes it different from other websites listed here.

With orange and black as its primary color, it radiates a different vibe.

29. 123Movies

123Movies is a great alternative to coke and popcorn to conclude this list. It is similar to other sites where you can stream without having to sign-in.

The domains keep changing, however, a simple Google search will pop up the new domain that is active.

Your take on coke and popcorn alternative.

I hope list was useful. It would be great if you could share your suggestions. In case you are looking for an alternative to some other software or website, feel free to drop us a comment. We will do thorough research and put up an article to help you out.


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