10 Best Android Launcher 2019 To Set Your Phone Apart


Looking for the best Android launcher 2019 edition? Browse through our handpicked android launchers suitable for all types of devices.

List of top Android launchers for 2019

10. AIO Launcher

AIO Launcher

Let’s start with AIO launcher which only appeared on the Play Store a couple of months ago and it’s one of the odd launchers but don’t get the wrong impression. There are no horizontal pages to scroll across, nor traditional app drawer, its just one vertical feed containing quick settings with lots of system information applications present in words inside bubbles.

You can choose the order that different sections appear in. There’s a dedicated search bar and the fact that everything here is in one feed means that some aspects of your smartphone such as specific settings menus are much quicker to reach this way.

9. U Launcher (Previously called Live Launcher)

U Launcher

You may not have heard of U Launcher but this is one of the best Android launchers when it comes to 3d animation.

It requires a reasonable amount of processing power but if you have it these animations are beautiful. The icons here are given a distinct shadow which on one hand makes them a far cry from what most launchers are heading towards especially when trying to theme themselves after Android Oreo but at the same time it makes them kind of refreshing. There’s also loads of customization here which is really fun to play around with.

8. ASAP Launcher

ASAP Launcher

You’ve probably heard of ASAP launcher and if you haven’t at least give this one a shot. It is one of the best Android launchers, full-stop.

ASAP is a launcher which as the name implies tries to get you to do things as quick as possible. Almost everything you could want is one or a couple of swipes away including a quick access control center for toggling mini app drawer at the bottom which is very convenient.

You can reach most of the apps there with your thumb and you can configure it to your most frequently used apps. There is a DoubleTap feature which you can configure for certain activities and you can even pull out an app drawer from the left-hand side which can be controlled completely with one finger.

7. ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher 2

ADW is one of the familiar kid in the block. This is a launcher that used to be very established in androids early days. It used to be the go-to option but has slight hiccups in the past.

Now it looks like it is back. The launcher is super optimized, superfluid and also very much up to date everything that works in portrait mode as well as landscape.

There is a huge amount of customization here. I’d go as far to say even more than Nova Launcher. It gives you a lot of control over gestures and puts them in a really easy to use interface which gives you a lot of fine-tuning capabilities over your icons and the way they look.

It even gives you masks that you can apply to icons which are equivalent to sort of creating your own icon pack. Lots of themes are available for download if you don’t want to manually do the customization.

6. EverythingMe

EverythingMe launcher

EverythingMe is a little bit different. It claims to be a contextual application one that actually analyzes your usage and then uses this information to anticipate your needs.

You’ll see a little bar on the bottom of your homepage which shows selective applications based on your recent and historical uses.

It doesn’t end there, when someone calls you and you missed their call, the launcher will anticipate that you probably want to call them back to their contact will just pop up in the home screen. Talk about your personal assistant? Well, this one does a bit of the job.

The launcher will effectively sort your applications into different categories which will be based on your currently installed apps and the recommend new ones. This could be an advantage or disadvantage depending upon your preference.

5. Anole Launcher

Anole Launcher

Anole launcher really stands out because of its security focus. Aside from this, it is a fast pretty well-featured launcher which lacks a little bit in the customizability arena but it allows you to have pages in your home screen that are patent protected where you can hide applications or certain files.

For example, you didn’t want anyone to know you have them installed or you’ve logged into those applications and they contain sensitive information and this is great because it works really well.

The launcher takes things a step further. From the locked home screen menu, you can create a guest mode where say you’re handing the phone to someone else but you only want them to be able to use a specific set of applications. You can select them and give the phone over. They will only be able to access the apps that you authorized the access to.

4. Lucid Launcher

Lucid Launcher

Lucid launcher is slightly less feature-rich but at the same time, it reminds of an AOSP launcher where you have an up drawer on the left-hand side, a home screen in the middle and swiping right from there you have an integrated browser on your home page.

You might be thinking that it sucks to have a single homepage to place icons or widgets but actually, they are arranged vertically which is pretty rare.  Don’t get me wrong, it works just as well as horizontal and there’s also a search bar just for applications. You can also access a quick menu where your favorite apps reside.

3. Desktop for W10

Desktop Launcher for Windows 10

Desktop for W10 is a pretty distinct departure from the rest of them on this list.

As you can probably tell this is simulating a Windows 10 computer, it is made for people who are very comfortable with that operating system and want to try and replicate it on that smartphone.

But hold on a minute. Before you go running about downloading the launcher, please be aware that it does require a large size screen for optimal usage.

If you rock a phone with a large enough display, say at least 5.2 to 5.5 inches it’s
pretty feature-rich. If you are like me who prefers the smaller screen phone then you can give it a pass.

You’ve got all the customization such as different desktops, recent applications which you can flick between. It also gives you a lot of device information which is just one click away.

2. KISS Launcher

KISS Launcher

Kiss launcher which is actually short for “keep it simple stupid” has a very strange name for a launcher. But it kind of does what it says. Simplicity is the word which it reflects.

There is one single keyboard which allows you to search through everything from your contacts, to your applications, to your various different conversations even on WhatsApp.

And most the time even after having typed just two letters you’ve got the result you were looking for right at the top. In case you don’t want to use the search bar you can tap the little button in the corner and it turns it into an app drawer.

The app drawer may not be the most efficient one but it gets the job done.

1. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Bow to the King to rule them all!

Universally regarded as the best android launcher for a lot of reasons. It is compatible with just about every single icon pack, every type of widget and also has a good level of customization.

The main factor which sets it apart from the competition is its efficiency. It doesn’t drain too much battery since its well optimized to performs great even on lower-end phones.

If you haven’t tried this launcher yet, then this should be the first one to date!

Your take on the best Android launcher for 2019?

It would be awesome to have your opinion on the best launcher that you have used. Did we miss your favorite launcher?

Drop in a comment below and we will include it in the list.


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